Rooms & Rates

White Chocolate Hills
Room Price List

Please call at least 3 days in advance of your desired stay date, so we can assure your comfort.

Relax Bungalow – 40 sq meters, 3999 Pesos/night for two adults
Deluxe Bungalow – 60 sq meters, 5999 Pesos/night for two adults
Children under four – Free of charge if sharing the bed,
Or you can rent an extra bed for 1000 Pesos/night.

Minimum 2 nights
1 night, add 25 %

10 % deposit is not refundable , deposit should be paid during booking.


Both rooms include:
Free Parking, Air conditioning, mini-bar, In-room safe, a fully modern bathroom with H&C Shower, beautiful stone mosaic floors, towels,            complimentary breakfast, 24 Hr. Security, access to Pool & Beach for swimming, and free WiFi in the Outside Bar.

The resort does not allow smoking inside the rooms, but allows smoking at the bar.
The resort is also fully wheelchair accessible, for your convenience.

Our ‘modern’ style bungalow features sleek black wooden furniture with a sleek, contemporary mood.
Our ‘native’ style bungalow features Philippine-made bamboo furniture and creates a very natural, earthy mood.



Modern Style

modernrelax Our Modern Style


Native Style







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