Out With The Old, In With Unique – The Hottest New Trends For 2015

Good Morning to our blog followers!

2015 may seem like it’s far away, but in the Fashion world, the next ‘Big Thing’ is always right around the corner.
This blog will talk about the newest, hottest trends of next year, and which brands will fizzle out.
If you’re fashion forward, and want to be in the front of the line, get behind these new brands so you can say you were the first!
(And don’t worry, guys…there’s some hot info for you too, so keep reading!)


 Trends For Fashion

Anyone who’s anyone has heard of the big names: Coach, Prada, Armani, Marc Jacobs….but I bet you haven’t heard of Soka, Vega Zaishi Wang, Sharon Ehman, Cinzia Araia, Markus Lupfer or Yohji Yamamoto.

It’s high time you did!
009_e54471d9-778e-4e43-8096-a3d07b101333Cinzia Araia  is a master at making sexy shoes.
Just look at these two !
They are made in Italy, where all the best shoes come from, and are created with genuine leather and suede.
Find their Facebook right Here10553274_2757256_1000





Markus Lupfer is a celeb’s best kept secret.dpp_0004_1
Everyone from Rhianna to Blake Lively have been seen sporting his trendy approach to fashion and accessories.
From awesome iphone cases, to feminine yet tough-girl clothing, this designer is a man to watch and collect.

Website found Here





Miss Vega Zaishi Wang is a completely brilliant designer that has been creating ready-to-wear collections for five years.

She brings back the allure and grace of feminine beauty, and her clothing works for every type of woman; from the Mysterious Vixen, to the Sweet-as-Sugar Schoolgirl.
Impeccably cut and designed for the lingering eye, this woman is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Her collections can be seen on her Facebook page, Here







black-shiny-python-clutch-562x843         Very little is known about Soka…founded by Stephanus Lukmanto, he currently works with fashion designer Karina Wijaya to create            100% handmade clutch bags and beautiful dresses and jackets inspired by Ikat and Batik methods.product-preview211-562x843They can be found on Facebook Here,  and on their website, Here.




If you like a little edge and spook to your clothing, you will never go wrong by choosing Toronto Fashion Designer Sharon Ehman.

She is the sole creator, designer, and model for Toxic Vision clothing.
Not for the feint of heart, each piece is 100% hand made, and her collections are desperately sought-after around the globe.
Her pieces can be very expensive, but trust us….they’re worth it.
Good Luck to anyone who wishes to own a piece of her work…each collection is released via her website only, and once they’re gone, there’s no second chance to acquire.
Keep updated on collection releases via Facebook, Here….and buy her pieces Here





Trends For Beauty and Cosmetics

Our favorite!
But of course, we’re not talking Lancome, M.A.C, or Dior here….and with good reason!
Not only are these giants highly overpriced and underperforming…but there’s also many questions and muddy waters on who exactly still tests on animals.
That’s why it’s better for your wallet, your skin, and your conscience to check out these amazing little-known brands.




The King of Cosmetics and fresh bath and beauty products is without a doubt, Lush.
Not only are their products 100% natural, organic, vegetarian, and packed with amazing flowers, oils and herbs…but they’ve been fighting animal testing for thirty years, and have an Ethical Buying Team to find fair trade and sustainable sources for their ingredients.

That means their Vanilla Absolute from Uganda helps Mubuku farmers get the best prices and profits for their products….Their cocoa beans come from Colombia and supports a group quietly resisting political violence in the region……Their argan oil comes from Morocco, has stimulated the local economy and given local women a sustainable job.

Lush is committed to fresh handmade products, sustainable business practices, low-or-no packaging, and giving back to the communities they work with.

Anyway, back to the products!
There is so much to choose from, you have to see it all yourself…body butters, oil-free hand lotions, aluminum-free deodorants, soaps that smell so tasty that its hard not to eat them….spend a day just browsing and reading all the awesome goodies they have!
They also have a range of products exclusively for men, like the ‘Guv’ner’ deoderant, and the best shaving cream you can buy, ‘Razorantium’

For cosmetics, they have a fairly new line of color for lips, eyes, and skin.

Some of our favorites are the ‘Feeling Younger Skin Tint’, that reflects light and makes you look bright and shiny all day, the FIVE GRAM mascara t03533ube, ‘Eyes Right’ that contains wheatgrass for strengthening and smoothing your lashes, and japan wax, for extremely long day-use and no flakes or crumblies.
This stuff doesn’t go anywhere, and best of all it doesn’t hurt your eyes, like other chemical mascaras.

Visit their website Here, but be prepared to browse for days!







Similar to Lush, but much more simple is Nude Bath Products.

Still a growing local company, owner Karen Murdock offers a fresh, clean product line that includes lip balms, facial masks, scrubs, soaks and soaps. Visit their Facebook page Here, and tell them we sent you!







Well fans, that’s it for today….stay tuned for Part Two, where we’ll cover the hottest places to find unique and daring jewelry and accessories.

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-White Chocolate Hills Resort


Fan Fridays and Other News

Good Afternoon to all our lovely readers!

We’re shaking things up here on the White Chocolate Hills Resort official blog!
In keeping with the times, we will now have a theme for every day of the week…let’s go over what they are, and how you can get involved!

It’s no secret that here at the resort, we love music…wether it’s foreign or local, a love song, or a good rock tune…we’re always on the lookout for awesome new music.
On Mondays, we’re going to talk about the songs we love, up-and-coming concerts in the Philippines, awesome new local artists, playlists for hosting everything from a wicked dance party to a tasteful dinner party….Anything and everything that has to do with music, we will write about it on Mondays.

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We’ve always got our ear to the ground listening for the latest news in our country and abroad.
On Tuesday, we’ll keep you up to date with everything, so you can be informed and aware of local issues, as well as current global news that effects the Philippines.
Tuesday will also be the day we update you with news coming out of White Chocolate Hills…. deals, special rates, and up-and-coming events will all be showcased.

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This is a relaxing day of looking back at the fun things that have happened over the years….We’ll be keeping it relevant to our industry, featuring old resorts and hotels, old food and drinks menus, and fashion from back in the day.

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Photo Credit: Mich Iso


“There’s Enough Dough In The World To Make Bread To Eat Together”

Good afternoon this Holy Wednesday, from White Chocolate Hills Resort!

Today I would like to write a little bit about travel trends, social issues, and outer space!
How do all of these things connect?
Well, I’m glad you asked!

First of all, I’m proud to announce that the Philippines has granted a 30-Day Visa Waiver for seven new countries.
We’d like to personally welcome to the Philippines:
Belize, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan!

Recent years have shown a new market for International Travel within these countries, and so in the famous spirit of Philippine hospitality, the government has made it easier for people to come visit & see what we’re all about!


We think this is great, because each of our cultures share very similar threads…

Belize shares our love of food, music and socializing…

Croatia shares our architectural similarities, being home to more than 50 amazingly designed Churches…

Kazakhstan shares our roots with animal husbandry, also raising many types of livestock…

Kyrgyzstan shows similarities in culture and art, being dazzlingly talented with textile weaving, and began their history with two official languages!

Tajikistan is home to some of the highest mountains in the world, also suffer from many mudslides and earthquakes, and share our tradition of large, close families…

Turkmenistan has a rich history of Epics & Poetry, sung or spoken by National poets & storytellers, and is known for its vibrant, beautiful jewelry and accessories…

Finally, Uzbekistan also has a large mix of cultures and ethnic groups…although while the Philippines loves its rice, Uzbekistan loves their noodles!

That brings us to Social Issues & Outer Space!

We often think that other cultures and groups of people are so much different than our own…often we forget that we all come from the same species:
And we all live on the same big rock floating in…you guessed it…Space!

This Holy week, we try to focus on Jesus and his suffering, but let’s not forget to remember our fellow human’s suffering as well…if you can help a neighbor with heavy bags or groceries…if you can visit an Elder member of the community or someone who is sick & give them company…if you can share your bag of chips or a meal with the homeless & hungry….don’t forget you could be saving a life, or making someone’s day so much more brighter with your simple actions.

It’s not just Holy week that should be focused on the sacred, we should try to focus a little every day on the immeasurable wonder of the human race, and participate in making our little piece of the earth that much more happier, brighter, and sweeter.


Back to the wide open skies… Next week, we hear there is going to be a marvelous meteor shower!
From April 18 to 25th, after the sun goes to sleep, you can check out a brilliant show…The ‘Lyrid’ meteor shower will feature bright, fast little stars falling at a rate of at least a dozen per hour….what a perfect time to lay a blanket down on the beach, snuggle up with a friend, and cherish a wonderful life on our green little planet, don’t you think?

Anyway, that’s all for this week.
We will be taking time off for Thurs, Fri & Sat, and we will be back with another awesome blog post on Sunday!

Have fun, stay safe, and keep in touch with your favorite spot in Zamboanguita…

-White Chocolate Hills Resort

photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pedromourapinheiro/8442993762
photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fotorita/1475885060

Choosing Organic – Taste The Difference!

Hello again, from White Chocolate Hills Resort!
What a beautiful day it’s been…A great day for swimming, indeed!

Today’s blog is all about food!
Here at the resort, we are committed to serving delicious, healthy, organically-grown food.

The fact of the matter is, organic food options are not only tastier and more nutritious than pre-packaged items, but they are more sustainable for the environment than ‘one-harvest’ GMO plant varieties, and also contain less harmful chemicals, sprays, additives and modifications.


One of our many pineapple bushes

Here at the resort, we are absolutely crazy about sustainable gardening & agriculture practices!
We have a fully-operational aquaponics system, that grows green onion, tomatoes, red radish & okra, and houses our own fish.
We have an organic garden for the kitchen that grows pineapple, tomatoes, lemongrass, red & green bell peppers, chilies, and many others.
We also have a large variety of fruit trees, such as papaya, jackfruit, large calamansi, coconut, banana, guyabano, and even grapes!

We work hard to reduce our kitchen waste, and maintain an organic compost that benefits our vegetable garden as well as the other plants around the property.

Organic Garden

Our Kitchen’s Organic Garden

Organic Tomatoes

Our Tasty Tomatoes!

Delicious food properly prepared is something we take pride in…Our certified Chefs have not only trained hard in their field, but also have studied Food Science and Technology…meaning they not only know how to create amazing, mouth-watering meals, but they know the science behind food nutrition.

Nothing but the best for our guests!

Our menu lists over 20 different meal choices, and features both European & Filipino foods.
We offer everything from Bam-E, Malunggay Soup and Adobo, to Australian Steak, Grilled Marlin, Vienna Schnitzel, and German Sausages that we create and smoke in-house, right on our property!

Our food prices start at 80 Pesos, and are no more expensive than 450 Pesos…Truly something for everyone!

Is your mouth watering yet?
Comment, call, or email to book a reservation today, and let us treat your tummy right!