6 Reasons White Chocolate Hills Resort Is Your Best Vacation Choice

It’s the best way to ruin your vacation…You do lots of research, you read reviews, you look at pictures.
You book a vacation, and look forward to that special moment when imagination becomes reality.
And yet, more often than not…the pictures were staged, the bad reviews were deleted or hidden, and your internet research has let you down….you end up sleeping next to a construction site, eating sub-par food that lacks passion and taste, and paying extra hidden fees for activities, outings, and even basic housekeeping services….What?!

This is why we are proud of White Chocolate Hills Resort – We are simple, authentic, and we genuinely care about creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and rest. Here are six big ways we stand taller than all of our competitors, and why you should choose us for your next vacation to the Philippines.

6. Our Pictures Aren’t Staged

This is possibly the best reason why we stand alone when it comes to our online presence…What you see is exactly what you get.
We do have a photographer on our staff, and yet she does absolutely no staging…of course, she knows all of the tricks to maximizing the aesthetics of a hotel room, a plate of food, or a landscape….but here at White Chocolate Hills Resort…genuine transparency to our potential guests is absolutely important.
When you see pictures like this:

White Chocolate Hills Resort 2068

White Chocolate Hills Resort 2122

Our Modern Relax Bungalow

You can be guaranteed that it is exactly what you’ll see once you get here.

( Unless we plant more plants and flowers, or you order a different breakfast option of course! )




5. Our Reviews Are Genuine, and We’re Not Afraid of Negative Comments

If you visit our TripAdvisor or Facebook Pages and read the reviews, you’ll notice that we take the good with the bad.
You’ll also notice that we’re quick to respond to feedback, and we genuinely care about our Guest’s opinions.
Not every resort or Hotel is as transparent as we are, and for good reason: If you found out their breakfast menu was bland, or that their rooms & facilities were dirty, falling apart, or outdated…they would lose their grasp on the tourism market!

We take a much different approach here.
We love our jobs, we love our Guests, and for quite a few of the staff here, this is our home!
We take good care of our home, and we invite you to come experience our genuine hospitality.
We know that we cannot please every single person in the world….but we’ll sure try!




4. Our Reputation Has Grown Organically…Just Like Our Food!

We don’t rely on heavy marketing campaigns, PR stunts, or industry networking to lure in customers.
Sure, when someone visits the resort and wants a few brochures to give to friends and family, that’s fine by us! …but we don’t actively fish for leads.
Other resorts dump money into PR management, Marketing Teams, and Event Sponsorship in order to get their name out into the world….
We know that if we provide excellent service, excellent quality food, and excellent, clean facilities, people will want to hang out and stay with us.
Over 4,000 Facebook ‘likes’ and 43 Five-Star ratings in less than five months is proof positive that we’re the new, young leaders of the pack in our industry.

We’d rather genuinely curious, happy, excited people here at our resort than someone who comes here based on false or faulty advertisements, or someone who comes here as part of a marketing deal. We show you the real ‘us’…so we can meet the real you!




3.  We’re Beautiful 😉
Not to toot our own horn, but our landscaping is impeccable, and so wonderful to look at and explore!White Chocolate Hills Resort 2064
We have over 17 different species of edible fruits, herbs, spices and plants….and we have over 10 different varieties of flowers.
Not to mention, we’ve created a ‘Little Bohol’, and own eight mini Chocolate Hills right here in Zamboanguita!
Our architecture is 100% unique to all of Asia, and there are no boxy apartment buildings or eyesores…just pure, green, lush plants….vibrant flowers, and mind-blowing views of Mt. Talinis mountain and Pacific Ocean from our deck.

White Chocolate Hills Resort 2084




2. We’re friendly, and Not Afraid of Having Fun

From the moment you arrive, to the moment you leave us, you will be showered with warm smiles, great conversation, passionate service and the comfortable feeling of being at home with family.

Our staff are known for being accommodating to any and all requests and our office is open to any question you may have….from local activities, to cultural questions…even book or movie recommendations…they’ve got you covered.
Our Disco nights are easily becoming the talk of the neighborhood…dance tunes and affordable drinks…as well as room specials and free entrance.
We also have the best dance moves ever. 😉

Countless resorts in the Philippines have the reputation of being pretty to look at…but not so wonderful to talk to.
We’re not sure why…the Philippines is known globally for having the happiest people on the planet!….Maybe they’re just sad they don’t work with us.
If you want a hassle-free check-in, and a quick, painless checkout with absolutely zero hidden fees and expenses, book your stay with us and experience the easiest, most honest customer service in the country.




1. Rain Won’t Spoil Anything Here

Another vacation-killer is normally a rainy day…but not here!
If it rains, we have a giant deck that provides complete cover for you to relax and have fresh-brewed, locally-sourced coffee…one of our hot home-made soups…or even just to read a book or gaze at the storm.
If you’re feeling adventurous, you can always head to the beach & go snorkeling…if you’re lucky you can spot turtles, seahorses, exotic corals and fish, and so much more.

White Chocolate Hills Resort 2248White Chocolate Hills Resort 2246White Chocolate Hills Resort 2144  White Chocolate Hills Resort 2243




With reasons like this….and many more waiting to be discovered by you….you simply cannot pass up the opportunity to call White Chocolate Hills Resort your new home away from home.

Call, message, visit or text us today and book a reservation….we promise you’ll leave with a smile, and maybe a few tears!


-White Chocolate Hills Resort


#SelfieSunday…And You!

Good afternoon, from your favorite resort, White Chocolate Hills!

Today is #SelfieSunday, and even though it’s usually all about us, we want to take some time out to thank and congratulate all of our fans, visitors, and supporters.

We have 2,755 likes on Facebook, 904 Check-ins through mobile phones, and 46 Facebook reviews…Those are some impressive numbers, when you consider that last month, we were at around 900 likes!

In order to celebrate, we are holding a Disco on Saturday, May 24th with free entrance, and of course our awesome, tasty drink specials!
The exact theme will be revealed soon.

If that wasn’t enough, we’re also going to have a room rate special – Our Relax Bungalow is P2,800 on Saturday night…good for two adults, and comes with complimentary breakfast!
Reserve fast, because our rooms fill up quickly!

We also ask our fans to leave a guest review on our Facebook, or on our TripAdvisor page so other people can read about your experience!

We also want to Congratulate and Thank the organizers of the Miss Zamboanguita 2014 Beauty Pageant.
Being a part of such a stunning show was an honor, and it was wonderful to see so many smart, talented, and of course, beautiful Ladies from our barangays.

Now back to us …

We have a few more pictures to share from the day we went ziplining…enjoy!





Rod, looking tough!




Ramil, taking off!








Wish You Were Here!

-White Chocolate Hills Resort

Fan Fridays – Great Food, Awesome Friends

Good Morning, from your resort family, White Chocolate Hills!

#FanFridays are awesome…we love to see how much fun you had, what food you ate, and how you chose to spend the day here at our resort!

Today we have some seriously yummy looking pictures from Sylvera Ann Voskamp…featuring our Sweet & Spicy Nacho platter and our totally delicious-looking Choco Ice Cream Shake….Miss Voskamp, those pictures make us want to order an Ice Cream Shake ASAP!
She also got a picture of our Iced Tea pitcher and the beach & pool!

Johanna Mae Cadungog Olivo shows us that the best way to relax is with a group of awesome friends.
We love the picture of the whole gang sitting down getting ready to eat….everyone looks so happy and full of energy!

We hope you both had a really great time here at White Chocolate Hills Resort, and we hope to see you again someday!

-White Chocolate Hills Resort


Photo Credit:
Sylvera Ann Voskamp


Photo Credit:
Sylvera Ann Voskamp


Photo Credit:
Johanna Mae Cadungog Olivo


Photo Credit:
Johanna Mae Cadungog Olivo

Resorts Vs. Hotels – The Choice Is Easy!

Guten Morgen and greetings, from your favorite resort beside the sea, White Chocolate Hills!

And what a busy morning it has been!

As our Philippine guests & readers know, Zamboanguita will be having its town fiesta on May 14th and 15th.

One of the main highlights of our fiesta is the Miss Zamboanguita Beauty Pageant, featuring nine lovely contestants, and held on May 13th, at Zamboanguita Gymnasium.

For the Pageant, they held a photo-shoot with four different locations around Zamboanguita, and our beautiful resort was one of the chosen locations to showcase these nine beautiful Ladies!

Here are a few photos to give an exclusive ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at the shoot:





What I’d really like to talk about today is a few of the reasons that staying at a resort for your vacation is a better choice over booking with a hotel.

Obviously, as today has shown, resorts offer the unique opportunity to rent the space for a private function.

Here at White Chocolate Hills Resort, we have great deals for groups, including a fully-serviced hot buffet, one free round of drinks, no corkage fees for Birthday cake, 600 Peso corkage for Lechon, and of course, our fun, friendly, cheerful hospitality.

Hotels tend to offer meeting spaces, or large private function rooms, but it’s easy to feel closed off and hidden away, and the pricing for rentals in a hotel are usually much more expensive than the average person is willing or able to pay.


Resorts are almost always private, quiet, and reservation-only…unlike noisy hotels with enclosed lobbies, no privacy, and a lack of quality control.

Our resort is strictly ‘Walk-in Free’, which means your comfort, security and privacy are assured…No crowds allowed! (Except of course on our Disco Dance Weekends, where you can dance and party the night away!)

Speaking of Disco, our resort offers occasional theme nights and fun, exciting events!
The popular phrase ‘It’s More Fun In The Philippines’ certainly applies at White Chocolate Hills!
Among other great events, we hosted a ‘Mexican Salsa’ night, which debuted our now-infamous nacho platter…our unique, tasty, Sweet & Spicy Potato Nachos…a White Chocolate Hills exclusive snack.


Finally, the best thing about choosing our resort for your next vacation is the simple fact that you will be staying with great folks.

Hotels often make the mistake of trying to sell you their brand or name…hotels like Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton & Starwood are very often beautiful and well-known, but are highly standardized, closed off from the local culture and customs, and very often only there to make money.
We, on the other hand, are local people, who know the area, love the Philippines dearly, and are totally focused on showing you a great time with excellent service.

Since we are smaller than a hotel, we take the time and opportunity to get to know your name, know what you like, and treat you like our family.

Our owners and staff take absolute pride in our work…our cleanliness & sanitation standards for every area are immaculate – European Standard, guaranteed.

Our staff also know the best local hotspots and can direct you towards exciting, fun activities for the whole family to enjoy!

So there you have it: No question, a resort is hands-down the better choice for vacationing and relaxation than a hotel.

Leave a comment below telling us what your favorite places to travel are!

Hope to hear from you soon, and here is a picture of Foxy the dog, stealing the show at today’s shoot!


Choosing Organic – Taste The Difference!

Hello again, from White Chocolate Hills Resort!
What a beautiful day it’s been…A great day for swimming, indeed!

Today’s blog is all about food!
Here at the resort, we are committed to serving delicious, healthy, organically-grown food.

The fact of the matter is, organic food options are not only tastier and more nutritious than pre-packaged items, but they are more sustainable for the environment than ‘one-harvest’ GMO plant varieties, and also contain less harmful chemicals, sprays, additives and modifications.


One of our many pineapple bushes

Here at the resort, we are absolutely crazy about sustainable gardening & agriculture practices!
We have a fully-operational aquaponics system, that grows green onion, tomatoes, red radish & okra, and houses our own fish.
We have an organic garden for the kitchen that grows pineapple, tomatoes, lemongrass, red & green bell peppers, chilies, and many others.
We also have a large variety of fruit trees, such as papaya, jackfruit, large calamansi, coconut, banana, guyabano, and even grapes!

We work hard to reduce our kitchen waste, and maintain an organic compost that benefits our vegetable garden as well as the other plants around the property.

Organic Garden

Our Kitchen’s Organic Garden

Organic Tomatoes

Our Tasty Tomatoes!

Delicious food properly prepared is something we take pride in…Our certified Chefs have not only trained hard in their field, but also have studied Food Science and Technology…meaning they not only know how to create amazing, mouth-watering meals, but they know the science behind food nutrition.

Nothing but the best for our guests!

Our menu lists over 20 different meal choices, and features both European & Filipino foods.
We offer everything from Bam-E, Malunggay Soup and Adobo, to Australian Steak, Grilled Marlin, Vienna Schnitzel, and German Sausages that we create and smoke in-house, right on our property!

Our food prices start at 80 Pesos, and are no more expensive than 450 Pesos…Truly something for everyone!

Is your mouth watering yet?
Comment, call, or email to book a reservation today, and let us treat your tummy right!