6 Reasons White Chocolate Hills Resort Is Your Best Vacation Choice

It’s the best way to ruin your vacation…You do lots of research, you read reviews, you look at pictures.
You book a vacation, and look forward to that special moment when imagination becomes reality.
And yet, more often than not…the pictures were staged, the bad reviews were deleted or hidden, and your internet research has let you down….you end up sleeping next to a construction site, eating sub-par food that lacks passion and taste, and paying extra hidden fees for activities, outings, and even basic housekeeping services….What?!

This is why we are proud of White Chocolate Hills Resort – We are simple, authentic, and we genuinely care about creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and rest. Here are six big ways we stand taller than all of our competitors, and why you should choose us for your next vacation to the Philippines.

6. Our Pictures Aren’t Staged

This is possibly the best reason why we stand alone when it comes to our online presence…What you see is exactly what you get.
We do have a photographer on our staff, and yet she does absolutely no staging…of course, she knows all of the tricks to maximizing the aesthetics of a hotel room, a plate of food, or a landscape….but here at White Chocolate Hills Resort…genuine transparency to our potential guests is absolutely important.
When you see pictures like this:

White Chocolate Hills Resort 2068

White Chocolate Hills Resort 2122

Our Modern Relax Bungalow

You can be guaranteed that it is exactly what you’ll see once you get here.

( Unless we plant more plants and flowers, or you order a different breakfast option of course! )




5. Our Reviews Are Genuine, and We’re Not Afraid of Negative Comments

If you visit our TripAdvisor or Facebook Pages and read the reviews, you’ll notice that we take the good with the bad.
You’ll also notice that we’re quick to respond to feedback, and we genuinely care about our Guest’s opinions.
Not every resort or Hotel is as transparent as we are, and for good reason: If you found out their breakfast menu was bland, or that their rooms & facilities were dirty, falling apart, or outdated…they would lose their grasp on the tourism market!

We take a much different approach here.
We love our jobs, we love our Guests, and for quite a few of the staff here, this is our home!
We take good care of our home, and we invite you to come experience our genuine hospitality.
We know that we cannot please every single person in the world….but we’ll sure try!




4. Our Reputation Has Grown Organically…Just Like Our Food!

We don’t rely on heavy marketing campaigns, PR stunts, or industry networking to lure in customers.
Sure, when someone visits the resort and wants a few brochures to give to friends and family, that’s fine by us! …but we don’t actively fish for leads.
Other resorts dump money into PR management, Marketing Teams, and Event Sponsorship in order to get their name out into the world….
We know that if we provide excellent service, excellent quality food, and excellent, clean facilities, people will want to hang out and stay with us.
Over 4,000 Facebook ‘likes’ and 43 Five-Star ratings in less than five months is proof positive that we’re the new, young leaders of the pack in our industry.

We’d rather genuinely curious, happy, excited people here at our resort than someone who comes here based on false or faulty advertisements, or someone who comes here as part of a marketing deal. We show you the real ‘us’…so we can meet the real you!




3.  We’re Beautiful 😉
Not to toot our own horn, but our landscaping is impeccable, and so wonderful to look at and explore!White Chocolate Hills Resort 2064
We have over 17 different species of edible fruits, herbs, spices and plants….and we have over 10 different varieties of flowers.
Not to mention, we’ve created a ‘Little Bohol’, and own eight mini Chocolate Hills right here in Zamboanguita!
Our architecture is 100% unique to all of Asia, and there are no boxy apartment buildings or eyesores…just pure, green, lush plants….vibrant flowers, and mind-blowing views of Mt. Talinis mountain and Pacific Ocean from our deck.

White Chocolate Hills Resort 2084




2. We’re friendly, and Not Afraid of Having Fun

From the moment you arrive, to the moment you leave us, you will be showered with warm smiles, great conversation, passionate service and the comfortable feeling of being at home with family.

Our staff are known for being accommodating to any and all requests and our office is open to any question you may have….from local activities, to cultural questions…even book or movie recommendations…they’ve got you covered.
Our Disco nights are easily becoming the talk of the neighborhood…dance tunes and affordable drinks…as well as room specials and free entrance.
We also have the best dance moves ever. 😉

Countless resorts in the Philippines have the reputation of being pretty to look at…but not so wonderful to talk to.
We’re not sure why…the Philippines is known globally for having the happiest people on the planet!….Maybe they’re just sad they don’t work with us.
If you want a hassle-free check-in, and a quick, painless checkout with absolutely zero hidden fees and expenses, book your stay with us and experience the easiest, most honest customer service in the country.




1. Rain Won’t Spoil Anything Here

Another vacation-killer is normally a rainy day…but not here!
If it rains, we have a giant deck that provides complete cover for you to relax and have fresh-brewed, locally-sourced coffee…one of our hot home-made soups…or even just to read a book or gaze at the storm.
If you’re feeling adventurous, you can always head to the beach & go snorkeling…if you’re lucky you can spot turtles, seahorses, exotic corals and fish, and so much more.

White Chocolate Hills Resort 2248White Chocolate Hills Resort 2246White Chocolate Hills Resort 2144  White Chocolate Hills Resort 2243




With reasons like this….and many more waiting to be discovered by you….you simply cannot pass up the opportunity to call White Chocolate Hills Resort your new home away from home.

Call, message, visit or text us today and book a reservation….we promise you’ll leave with a smile, and maybe a few tears!


-White Chocolate Hills Resort


The Caribbean Vs The Philippines…Close, But No Cigar!

Good Afternoon on this warm, sunny day from your friends at White Chocolate Hills Resort!

We know many of you who read our blog are from other parts of the world, and may be researching a great place to visit on your next vacation. We also know a lot of people like to visit the Caribbean, due to many of the ‘All-Inclusive’ deals you can find on the internet these days.

Here at White Chocolate Hills, we’re a little biased, and of course, think the Philippines is the best vacation destination you can get for your money.

Here is our Top Six List of reasons your next vacation should be in the Philippines instead of the Caribbean.

#6 – The Beaches & Diving

Everyone doing research for a vacation in the Caribbean is always entranced by the pictures of crystal clear water, white sand beaches, impressive dive spots and vibrant marine life.

While it’s mostly true that the Caribbean is beautiful and has nice beachfront…the Philippines has all of that and more!
In fact, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte is home to the longest continuous stretch of white sand beach in the world, and rivals even Hawaii for awesome surfing. Borcay has over 300 white sand beaches, was named ‘Best Island’ in 2012 by international travel magazine Travel + Leisure, and has a vibrant nightlife, for those that like to club-hop & stay up late.


Like we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, the Philippines is part of the ‘Coral Triangle’….While the Caribbean houses 8% of the world’s coral reefs, the Philippines owns 30% of the world’s reefs…..and 75% of all coral reef species can be found here. We have over 4,000 types of fish, and 6 of the 7 world’s turtle species can be seen in our waters. For avid divers, the Philippines is a treasure-house, and certainly not to be missed.


#5 – Places To Stay

The best part about the Philippines is the quiet, laid-back peacefulness you experience everywhere you go….the Caribbean is obviously one of the most famous vacation destinations in the world, so the beaches, resorts, and towns tend to get overcrowded.
You can easily begin to feel like your vacation is being shared with hundreds of other tourists who had the same idea as you.

The price difference between the two destinations are clear-cut….In the Caribbean, car rentals can cost upwards of $40-80 a day, meals at restaurants are pricey, and hotels and resorts can be almost $350 a night for a good-quality stay.


In the Philippines, you can rent a car with a driver and air conditioning for a whole day for around $20, and if you don’t mind driving a motorbike, you can rent one for about $10 per day.
It seems like every street corner has someone selling Barbecue, Tinola, Lechon, or other tasty eats, and you can buy a full meal for under $5.

And as for hotels and resorts? Our resort is around $90 a night for European-standard accommodations, free Wifi, Plasma Ion Air Conditioning, pool & beach access, and absolutely delicious complimentary breakfast.
A few of the other more well-established resorts around town can be pricey, but if you don’t mind mingling with locals, hotels in downtown Dumaguete can be as cheap as $20 a night if you know where to look!

#4 – Island Hopping

We know this one is a bit of a jab…the Caribbean has 7,000 islands to explore..the Philippines, like any local can tell you, has 7,107.


#3 – The Weather

The Caribbean is a great destination for the cold, winter months…a place to get away and work on your tan…but the rain is unpredictable, and it’s the kind of land area a storm likes to linger around….trapped on all sides by land, a hurricane or downpour can last for days.


In the Philippines, the weather stays at an average of 28 Degrees Celcius all year long…That means you can work on your tan every single day of the year…and we’re beside the equator, so the sun is brighter, and closer to the earth.

When it rains, it’s usually on it’s way to Hong Kong & Thailand…stopping in only to say a brief ‘Hello’!
Since our climate is always (Dare we say…) perfect, a spot or two of rain is usually a welcome guest, and it never slows the party down!

#2 – The Night Life

The Caribbean is known for being relaxed and laid-back…it comes close to matching the Philippines in ‘Rasta’ living.
The downside in the Caribbean is that a lot of places close down around ten pm, and it can be hard to find something to do if you’re more of a night owl.

The Philippines also tends to close up shop on most big business around 9-10pm….but it’s only so they can get off work and go party! The Philippines is absolutely world-famous for being the ‘Country That Never Sleeps’, and could even put the Irish to task with the amount of rum they can drink in a night!
Walk down any neighborhood street to find a group of locals drinking and singing Karaoke at a Sari-Sari….or check out the downtown nightlife at Whynot…a well-known foreign hang-out.


#1 – Tourist Friendly Zone!

There are many different horror stories that you hear about the Caribbean being dangerous to Tourists…it’s a well-known bit of advice that if you stay at an ‘All-Inclusive’ resort or hotel, you shouldn’t leave the grounds without a guard or escort….and walking around can mean you’re constantly hounded by hustlers, beggars, and swindlers.

In the Philippines, your only worry is the problem of meeting too many awesome people in one day….not only is almost every fourth or fifth word ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’, Filipinos are known the world over for being unbelievably hospitable, helpful, and cheerful to foreigners….They are, arguably, even more friendly than Canadians!


There are many children who do beg for change in the downtown core, but if you tell them you have no money, the other kids will learn through ‘The Grapevine’ to leave you be.

And there you have it!
Our Top Six List of reasons your next vacation should be in the Philippines instead of the Caribbean.

Until Tomorrow, we wish you all a great night!

-White Chocolate Hills Resort

Photo Credits: All photos from Wikimedia.org, except the last one, ‘Sound of Laughter’ by local Photographer Hersley-Ven Casero.